International Security Services, Inc.
1629 K St. N. W. Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006
Office: 703-988-3877
Fax: 703-563-0585

Company Philosophy

We at International Security Services, Inc. (ISS), understand that it is with the leadership of the management team, that the security officers with perform their main responsibility of observing and reporting, along with their other duties, diligently and with pride. It is clearly the responsibility of management to instill and maintain a high standard of morale, and to deliver a feeling of self-respect and self worth to the employee to maximize work performance and professionalism.

Only when this is accomplished can you begin to build and maintain an effective security force. All other aspects of operational techniques of the security firm are secondary, as they all require a security officer to carry them out.

International Security Services, Inc. (ISS), management team accomplished this level of service with control, planning, organizing, and directing. Also, educating and training our officers in various areas of security give them the satisfaction of attaining a level of proficiency and knowledge over other persons in their identical fields.
International Security Services, Inc., with offices located in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Meknes Morocco was established in 2004 with the solo purpose of providing cost effective, quality, well trained uniformed Security Officers to the Washington DC area, with the idea in mind that customer service is our number-one priority.

We are licensed with Washington D.C., The Kingdom of Morocco, and the State of Maryland's Police Department. International Security Services, Inc., currently provides guard services to a wide variety of small businesses as well as major corporations, In 2009 we have expanded into the sales, service, and installation of security camera equipment along with the opening of our own training center.
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